Friends of Jeanne Friske want to reconcile family and Dmitry Shepelev singer

in many television programs, where recently appeared Vladimir Borisovich, he repeatedly expressed the opinion that the agreement Shepeleva to use during the treatment of Jeanne not been studied until the end of vaccines could harm the patient actress.In addition, the man said that Dmitry did not have to tell reporters where the star is being treated.

Yesterday was the birthday of Jeanne Friske.Relatives came to the cemetery where she is buried.To honor the memory of the woman he loved, came from Bulgaria and Dmitry, but the grave of Joan, he came to himself, deciding not to meet with her counterparts semёy.Druzya and Jeanne Friske very negatively perceived the latest news about what's going on between those closest to her people.

Lolita told about the state Dmitry Shepelev

singer Lolita told reporters that surprised patience with which Dmitry watching interference with his private life.The actress said that her mother is now in Bulgaria, at the same resort as Shepelev with his son.According to th

e singer, curious fellow countrymen just hit his faux pas:

I asked her to come to him, to ask how we can help, and to invite to dinner.My mother said that she was not comfortable, because there are tactless people who came to him to be photographed, and she saw at that moment it all seemed to shrink.

After Lolita Mom still went to Dmitry to offer anything to help, I saw that in the eyes of the master had tears:

mom still can not move away from his question: "You do not blame me?".She answered: "Dima, who can blame you?You - a wonderful father, a step which does not depart from the child »

Lolita requested to those who are not actively interested in the life Shepeleva, leave it alone.

Ilya Zudin urged the media to reconcile father and husband of Jeanne Friske

Soloist of "Dynamite" Ilya Zudin also supported Dmitry, noting that the broadcaster has paid all my time favorite woman, and did everything that was in his power.No one knew how and where to treat, so there is no sense now to throw any accusations.

According to the singer, the media must now not to destroy the relationship between the family Friske, but on the contrary, to help resolve the conflict:

I believe that now it is necessary to connect the media to be a destructive force that people quarrel and scandals, and vice versacombine them to reconcile and dad Dima Jeanne.To make them after the death of a loved one did not swear, but rather connected, because now their connecting thread - a small Platosha.

Lera Kudryavtseva asks you not to desecrate the memory of Jeanne Friske

One of the friends of the singer, Lera Kudryavtseva, genuinely experiencing what about Jeanne blown conflict.Popular leader urges relatives to understand each other and live in peace.In turn, Lera promised the help of friends and colleagues:

... we - colleagues and friends will not help inflate this family conflict.No need to desecrate the memory of the bright and kind man who was always Joan.

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