Sex change stepfather Kim Kardashian twisted romance with a former male

Newly star has managed to shine on the cover of fashion glossy Vanity Fair, as we now know, and that it runs its own reality show «I Am Cait» on channel E1.But that's not all the latest news from the life of a celebrity.

Caitlin Jenner and Candace Kane: happy together

Recently it became known that Caitlin Jenner met a new love.Getting lonely hearts was a gay parade, which took place in New York.Jenner, apparently, could not resist the charm of actress Candice Kane, who was born and until the mid nineties, the number of men.And a new friend told her in return.Collectively photos from the event, published by Twitter, seen as Caitlin posing next to a broad-shouldered, like herself, statuesque blonde in the open sheen.

According to the Daily Mirror, Caitlin Jenner and Candace Kane became inseparable after the first meeting.New friends were together for several days.Together they went shopping, visited the Broadway show and SPA-center, and noted his acquaintance romantic candlelight dinner.According

to approximate to a pair of source close to Caitlin Candice I felt really happy.

known that the Nordic blond Kane changed sex in 1996, the year.Prior to that she was a man named Brendan McDaniel.Under the pseudonym Candice Brendan acted in films and performed in gay bars.

Jenner to sex-change operations managed to win the title of Olympic champion in the decathlon, to become a world champion and three times married.In the 70s and 80s his wife were, respectively, Christy Scott and Linda Thompson.From 1991 to 2013-th - he was married to Kris Jenner.As media persons Bruce became known in the 2000s, after the show, "Kardashian family."Three marriages, he had six children.However, in 65 years the man announced that lifelong dream to be a woman, and he intends to fulfill his dream.June 1 it was reported that Bruce had the surgery and began Caitlin.

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