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By Dmitri Hvorostovsky fully returned coordination of movements

How to tell the friends of the singer, Hvorostovsky began conducting the first sessions of chemotherapy.The actor now mostly communicates only with doctors and with their loved ones, as fully concentrate on the treatment.

Forecasts physicians very positive, and a popular opera singer is not going to cancel concerts in Russia, which is scheduled for the autumn.Tickets can not be removed from the market: all the friends of the actor, and he is confident that the disease will be able to win.Already on November 10 at the Bolshoi Theater Dmitry Hvorostovsky will perform as a member of the Ball Elena Obraztsova.According to the agent of the singer, the artist will take part in this concert:

«Hvorostovsky will take part in this event, as Dmitry hopes that by the autumn of health he would have been all right»

other singerssure Dmitri Hvorostovsky helps music

Italian director Fabio Mastrangelo told reporters that after several treatments the Russian singer has become much easier.If earlier it was dif

ficult to move Dmitri, but now he has fully recovered motor coordination.The Italian told reporters the latest news about the health of his friend:

«... it feels much better now, he was part of the assignment procedures and set up win ailment.Dmitry has been progress.She returned full coordination of movement - before it was a bit difficult to go »

director surprised that Hvorostovsky gave a concert in London, while someone else in his place kept quiet and bed rest.Nevertheless, the performance before the audience gave the singer forces.Mastrangelo sure that music has a positive effect on the health of Dmitri Hvorostovsky.The director said that he and Dmitry sure that it treats the music and singing in small quantities artist goes only benefit.

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