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Diet for blood group: the recommended products for different people

history and the basic gist

Back in the nineties of the last century, American dietician Peter D'Adamo and Catherine Whitney writer wrote a book in which a detailed account of the principles of this diet.The bottom line is that the blood is directly reflected on what diet should follow the man.According to D'Adamo development of all the products are divided into beneficial, neutral or harmful.Therefore, if you choose the latter category, you will gain weight, and useful result in weight loss.

In this article we describe general information about the diet for each blood group, and is a table with a variety of product categories.

The history of the diet for blood group and its effects on the human body.

Group 1: "Hunter»

This type includes more than thirty percent of the world population.It is believed that this group was with our ancestors.

  • Strengths: stable digestion and immunity
  • Weaknesses: poorly adapted to changes in diet and environment, prone to allergies
  • menu, such people must necessarily include meat (not pork), seafood, fresh vegetables and fruits, andand
    rye bread.
  • It is not too often have grains, especially oats and wheat.Beans and buckwheat are recommended for use.
  • from the diet should be to completely eliminate all the cabbages except broccoli, corn, hot sauces and marinades.

Features of diet for people with first blood.

Group 2: "The farmer»

Historically, it is believed that people with this blood group evolved from hunters and began to lead a more sedentary life.

  • strong features: a good digestion and immunity will only be the case if you follow the right diet.High ability to adapt to changes in diet and living conditions.
  • weakness is reflected in susceptibility to infectious diseases and a slight digestive disorders, and nervous disorders.
  • menu is to saturate the fresh fruit and vegetables, in addition to the sharp taste (oranges, rhubarb), legumes and cereals.
  • in limited quantities should eat dairy products, and even better to replace them with soy analogues.
  • If possible, avoid most seafood (flounder, caviar, herring).If there is a need to significantly reduce the weight of meat to eat, too, is at a minimum.

Features of diet for people with the second group of blood.

Group 3: "Nomad»

People with this blood type in the world a little more than twenty percent.They are the result of the mixing of races, so the diet should be quite dynamic.

  • Strengths consist in a strong nervous system and the ability to adapt quickly to new conditions.
  • Weaknesses there is little, but if you do not stick to the right diet for this group of blood can appear infections and autoimmune diseases.
  • in unlimited quantities, you can eat meat, eggs, seafood, milk, vegetables and fruits.
  • necessary to avoid chicken meat and pork, shrimp and squid.

Group 4

This is the rare people who are in the general population of the planet is not more than seven percent.They have a very sensitive digestive tract, a weak immune system.It is recommended to eat meat, fish, dairy products, fruits and vegetables.But the loss of excess weight should be excluded from the diet of red meat, pepper, buckwheat, sunflower seeds and some cereals.

following tables, which can independently create your own menu.In the opinion of women who have tried this way of eating, diet can be very effective with prolonged use.

    + Useful products

    0 Neutral products

    - junk foods