Sport cosmetics: review of specialized sports perfume

Features sporting spirits

first boom in the fashionable sportswear.Then came the Permanent Cosmetics, which is not deleted during training.And now the spirits of sports.

So what is the difference between perfume for training from the usual female perfume?Firstly, they have a positive effect on women.For their design uses soothing essential oils.Basically added lavender oil, patchouli and peppermint are known to promote relaxation.It is also used for sporting spirits and citrus oils, have a tonic effect.

Secondly, sports perfume substantially free of alcohol, so that the probability of allergy is very small.On the contrary, they will prevent all sorts of skin irritation.

Thirdly, sporting spirits do not mingle with the smell of sweat and prevent its occurrence.They are very resistant, but they can be easily washed off with plain water.

Popular sports perfume manufacturers

famous perfume houses are not so much developing a series of sports spirits.Exceptions were Burberry and their product call

ed «Burberry Sport for Women».This fragrance has gained immense popularity among women.Bright and fresh citrus scent with a hint of acidity unobtrusive literally adds a sporty mood.

Much more often sporting spirits produced by companies such as Adidas, Nike, Puma.By the way, Adidas is considered the founder of sports spirits.After the brand began producing light deodorants, they opened a whole and sports line of perfume.In addition to the collections of perfumed citrus fruits are also used oil.

Lately be a tendency to add new sports perfume fragrances.For example, Ralph Lauren brand and product «COOL».This perfume has a light fruity smell, mixed with citrus and delicate hint of wood.Those who believe that the spirits of sport - it's just a new trend of fashion or luxury, profoundly mistaken.It is the same need as drinking water while working out.Studies have shown that during exercise it is necessary to use a sports fragrance, which does not mix with sweat and does not cause irritation to the skin.Furthermore, properly sized odor improves the quality of training and the results obtained, respectively.

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