The best sports shoes: how to choose the right shoes for sports

How to choose the right sports shoes

Before heading to the store for a new sports shoes need to decide for what purpose you plan to use it.That is: sports (in any of the sports or aerobics), walks, hikes or to testify.Going to the store, you will find a great variety of models, each designed for a specific purpose.

So, how to choose the sports shoes for sports?Sneakers for active sports (football, tennis, athletics, fitness) should be to "breathe."That is, these shoes have to have special air membrane.Some models are having such a membrane treated with a special composition, which is moisture on the outside, but does not interfere with air circulation.In addition, high-quality shoes should not be glued and stitched - otherwise their life would be short-lived.Special attention to the presence of the lines between the sole and the most skin.Incidentally, the material from which such shoes manufactured, there should be only the skin, but not kozhzamom.Leatherette simply does not withstand heavy loads, w

ill begin to crack and creep away.Do not forget that some sports require different soles of shoes on - flat or corrugated.In addition, footwear for sports should not be hard - otherwise you will be very tired legs.

Choosing sports shoes for walking, you can buy running shoes and sneakers.Today, there are so many different models and any, even the most whimsical fashionista can always find something that will please her.Of course, it is best to also give priority to the skin, not the imitation leather.Note the sole - it may be ribbed or totally flat.Today, the shoe stores began to appear with a small heel - these models is also excellent for walking.Note the more shoes on membranes, the more they get wet.

Sports shoes for hiking or garden should also be waterproof.There is a special technique - GoreTex, which are made of waterproof shoes.Be prepared to pay for a shoe tidy sum.

Care sports shoes

Firstly, sports shoes need to be worn only on the cotton socks, which contributes to your health.Secondly, after the completion of training, trainers need to unlace and dry.Third, for each type of sport shoes need your care.For example, leather shoes, just like any other leather shoes, must be lubricated cream.To do this, you must first clean the surface, and only then to smear cream.Cloth shoes (sneakers) can be washed by hand or in a washing machine.

Please note, if you purchased glued shoes are best to protect them from contact with water - otherwise they can just paste up.In order to clean these shoes, you will need an old toothbrush and liquid detergent.Apply the cleanser on the toothbrush and start to gently clean the surface.Try to use with the least possible water.The edges of the sole and can be easily purified by means of a toothbrush.