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Podolsk and Presnyakov found a nanny for a newborn son

After being discharged from the hospital with the baby Natalia went to the country house.Both she and her husband almost did not leave the baby, give it your full attention.But, as worries about the crumbs rob his parents too much time and effort they had to seek the help of other people.At the beginning of the duty of care of the newborn he has taken over his grandmother, mother Natalia Podolsk, and then the family decided to hire a professional nanny.

According to the family, Natalia was looking for a nanny in special recruitment firms, addressed to friends and even view the ad online.Due to the high demands of search somewhat delayed, but the man who Presnyakov Podolsky and decided to entrust young son, still found.Among the main demands made by stellar parents proved the presence of teacher education, the average age of the pretender and, of course, kindness.

Natalie Podolsky and Vladimir Presnyakov make plans for the future

meantime Presnyakov Podolsky and can take a break and start pr

eparations for the christening of his son.Famous spouse have already decided with a choice of godparents.They become their close friends.

known that Natalie Podolsky is not going to linger long in the decree.The latest news say that the fall of the singer is planning to return to work.In her tour schedule is not only performances in Russian cities, but also concerts abroad.

After giving birth, Natalia quickly regained its former harmony.In his Instagram she has just published a photo of her husband and family friends - Leonid Agutin and Angelica Varum.It should be noted that the actress is in great shape.