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Nazi salute Elizabeth II caused a scandal

girl repeats the Nazi gesture of his relatives.During the 17-second video of Elizabeth's mother raises her hand in a Nazi salute.7-year-old child immediately repeats the gesture, they are joined by an uncle.

known that Prince Edward sympathized with Nazi Germany, and believed that the UK needs to learn from the experience of the struggle against communism.Judging from the video, it is easy to conclude what kind of mood were popular in the royal family in the mid-thirties.

British edition of The Sun, which published the latest news from the scandalous video, refuses to divulge its source, saying only that the original video is in the royal archives.

Buckingham Palace explains the scandalous video childish prank, but expressed outrage feed material:

¬ędisappointing that footage eight decades ago, and apparently were in the family archive of Her Majesty, have beenthence extracted and used in a similar way. "

The official statement said that Elizabeth for the gesture meant nothing, because sh

e had been a child, and not be aware his actions.At that time no one in the royal family is not represented, that will result in the rise to power of the National Socialists, headed by Hitler.

Palace launched an investigation into the leak videos Elizabeth II

Buckingham Palace said that The Sun grossly violated the copyright because the right to film the private life of the royal family owned directly by the royal family.Despite the fact that representatives of the tabloid claim that the video is received without any violations of the law, the palace decided to start his own investigation.

Another popular tabloid The Times did their assumptions about how video could be in the hands of journalists.Apparently, shooting led King George VI, the father of Elizabeth.In this case, a film strip was kept at the British Film Institute, along with the rest of filming the Royal Family.In the second version, the film could be in Paris at Villa Wallis Simpson - the widow of Edward VIII.In 1986 the villa with all things there is acquired, Mohammed Al Fayed.After a while, the businessman shared his purchase into several parts and sold them.It is possible that among the things sold and proved ill-fated film.

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