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Massage for children from flatfoot

Flat feet in children and how to define it?

necessary to consider that every person from birth, feet, or rather their vaults are always filled with small fat pad, which begins to thin only when the baby takes its first steps and begins to actively walk.That is why the footprint of a child who was born recently, or can only crawl, has a flat shape.Typically, three or four years of a child stop taking shape of an adult, as the muscles have strengthened sufficiently, ligaments and bones are well formed, which gives the child the opportunity to sustainability and the ability to remain in an upright position for a long time.It is worth considering that the older the child becomes, the more noticeable hole in the roof of the foot.

reason for the appearance of flat feet can be a lot, but most of all - it is heredity, overweight, later becoming his feet or disorder in the body of the child.

A few ways to help determine whether your child has flat feet

To determine whether the baby flat or not, you need to first of all look to his walk.Children with this disease wi

ll try to lean on the inside of the foot, legs slightly while visually are leaving in different directions.Clubfoot in gait also points out that it not stop properly and muscles are not able to hold the full weight of the child.Another good way to determine - is to lubricate the foot fat cream child and ask him to stand on a clean sheet.If the track is solid, without the characteristic notches on the sides, it constitutes a violation.

In case of flat feet, do not pull the massages with which childhood is very effective.

Tips to help yourself determine the presence of flat feet in children.

Foot Massage for flat feet in children, cognitive video

Before performing massage the child should take a horizontal position.With both hands, take the foot and begin to massage the soft cushion that is in the middle of the foot.Movement intense and very diverse.Very good help shuffling thumbs or rhythmic pressure.Through these manipulations to the muscles actively enters the blood, which affects their tone.Massaging one leg must be at least 3-4 minutes.After the session, the child will be useful to run a little bit.

Features of massage therapy for flat feet in children, massage technique.

As you know, in massage for flat feet is no big deal.Run these manipulations can any adult.But by this method can eliminate violation stop completely, which in turn will prevent diseases from some unpleasant and uncomfortable in the future.

more clearly about this massaging you can see in this video