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Summer must-have all fashionistas: Women knit openwork crochet gloves

Yarn: Alize Miss melange 100% mercerized cotton '50 / 280 m, color 50871. yarn consumption: 30 g.Instrumenty: hook: 1.50.The density of the basic knit
: horizontal loop 4.9 to 1 cm.
gloves size: XS (16 cm).

Selecting a pattern and a description of

First, we note that the thread glove is better to choose a fine - the finished product will look more refined.

Assign female summer mitts hook can by combining different patterns or using a diagram of a conventional mesh, followed by decoration.In this master class we offer you openwork pattern scheme, which involves the rapport of the two series.So, to save the picture, you need to knit an even number of rows.

first series consists of 3 v.p.p., 2 st.s / n, which are knitted in a loop;3 VP Connecting Art.w / o in the fourth loop.The pattern continued for 3 ce, connecting art.s / n 3 loop after Art.b / n.Next picture is repeated.

Second row: 1 v.p.p, 1 tbsp.b / n, 3 VP Connecting 1 tbsp.s / n.His knit in third loop, the second item.s / n in the 7th.Next

3 v.p.p, connecting art.w / o in the third loop.The entire second row knit under the scheme.

(Photography scheme)

Summer women's gloves hook - step by step guide

lower part mitts

  1. Recruit 64 air loop wrist circumference of 18 cm.

    Important!The number of stitches is determined by the widest point of the hand.
  2. Knit glove round the scheme.Knit 10 rows.

    Important!You can not bind tightly, as the product of cotton thread is too tight-fitting hand.But it is necessary to adhere to the same thread tension, so that the product had some elasticity.
  3. lower part of the glove is ready.

Decoration gloves beads

  1. Then decorate mitts beaded edge.To do this, turn the product on the front side facing to the beads were placed on the outside of the product.
  2. Edge knit gloves scheme: 3 v.p.p, 3 tbsp.s / n (knitted in one loop), 3 ce, connecting art.b / n in the fifth loop;3 ce, connecting art.s / n in the fifth loop in one loop knit st.s 6 / n.
  3. Beads knit only columns with nakida.Capture beads occurs when nakida made, and before the last loop terminates column.This allows the beads to be on the edge of the pattern.

Important!Before working the thread break off, measure the length equal to 50-60 cm. Then the beads are strung on it, as well as jewelry from beads is ready, cut.

upper part mitts

  1. now proceed to the top of the glove knitting.For mirroring the pattern turn over the product, and continue to crochet knit mitts summer, leaving 14 stitches for the thumb.

  2. Gaining aerial loops slots, stick figure and follow the correct execution of the pattern.

  3. Provyazyvaem glove scheme 14 series.
  4. gloves ready!We hope that women's gloves hook related to our master class will become your indispensable stylish accessory this fashionable summer.

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