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Summer men's fingerless gloves

  • Yarn: Yarn Art Maldive 100% mercerized cotton 50 g / 90 m;Consumption of yarn: 150 g
  • density knitted horizontally: 3.1 loops of 1 cm.
  • Tools: Hook: 2.5 - 3.5
  • Additional materials: two soft leather flap 10x10 cm.
  • glove size: 17 cm.

choice of materials for men's knitted mitts hook

most practical and comfortable solution for summer gloves will cotton thread.Among its main advantages: hygiene, naturalness, durability.In addition, the thickness of cotton yarn provides high strength product, so related of her gloves fit even for fishing and outdoor activities.Besides such gloves male thread will be well to keep the shape and thus will not rub and sliding.

Regarding the skin, which is used as an additional material to enhance the strength of summer gloves male hook, then preference is given to natural soft skin.Of course, you can use an artificial substitute, but then you have to be prepared to ensure that the product will rapidly become a presentable appearance and require repair.

Men fingerless gloves hook - step by step guide

main part mitts

  1. To start defining the widest place of the hand and calculates the required number of loops in a ratio of 2 to 1 cm loop. In our case, we collect 48 loops of airbrush circumference of 24 cm.

  2. start the bulk of men's knit gloves columns without nakida.Provyazyvaem 8 rows.

Important!Summer men's gloves should not knit very tight, as the product of the cotton yarn after washing may be rougher and begins to cause discomfort when worn.

top of the glove

Before you start knitting the top of the gloves should count the number of loops that the holes for the fingers have turned out the same.It is also possible to divide the total number of loops into four equal parts, and then the holes for the fingers are of equal size.

  1. Gently straighten mitts on a solid work surface.It is important that the loop back of the glove and the palm are parallel.Thus, it will be enough to read only one side of the glove.
  2. Number of loops multiply by two and divide by four.The resulting number will show the desired number of loops for one finger.In this master class the number of loops for the following holes: 14 for the index and middle, 12 to the ring and little finger.
  3. After calculations proceed to the design of the slots for the toes.For this provyazyvaem three rows of columns without nakida each finger.

lower part of the glove

  1. Overturn the product and mirror bottom knit gloves.For this provyazyvaem 8 rows columns without nakida.
  2. Starting with number 9-11 reduce the number of loops - every 10 loops combine two columns into one.
    Attention!Be sure to reserve a slot for a thumb size of 15 loops.

  3. remaining six rows of knit columns without nakida.

  4. At the end of the thumb knit gloves.It consists of four rows of the East.b / n.

  5. Our men's gloves ready.The length of the finished product is 17 cm. Make glove above is possible, increasing the number of rows.

decorating men's summer gloves hook

leather inserts on the male fingerless gloves in the area of ​​the palm is necessary in order to make a knitted product more durable and practical.

  1. Take flap of soft genuine leather 10 x 10 cm.
  2. flap sewn to the glove using a large needle and thread usual.
  3. Stylish and practical Summer men's fingerless gloves - ready!