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Without anywhere Panama: panama summer knit crochet for girls

offer you a master class spectacular summer panama hats for girls, which can be linked to the boy and replacing the color blue yarn and removing decorative feature.

  • Yarn: YarnArt Summer 70% cotton, 30% viscose, 100 g / 350 m. Consumption of yarn: 40 g
  • Tools: Hook 2.5
  • density knitting horizontal loop 3.9 m = 1 cm.
  • child panama size: 50-52

Summer panama for girls - step by step guide

Before you start you need to measure the amount of the child's head.In this master class described knitting summer panama hook size 50-52 cm.

main part of the children's panama

  1. Recruit 5.n. and closes them in the ring.Then knit 3 rows of scheme: 3 CPn. 12 nakida.

  2. proceed to the fourth row recruit 3.n. n. and then knit two columns with one nakida in adjacent loop.In the following loop knit one post with one nakida, vyvyazyvayut air loop, and so on continue to Scheme 1 to 8 series.

    Important!Be sure to keep the same density knitted and uniform thread tension.This is necessary to
    ensure that the finished product had a regular shape.
  3. eighth series of forming as follows: recruit 3.n. n. and then knit a column with one nakida in adjacent loop.Similarly, knit 2 column with another one nakida (each column in the next standing loop).Then vyvyazyvayut 2.n. provyazyvaem bar and one in the bottom row nakida 2.n. and so the scheme 1.

  4. Next year panamku for girls knit crochet scheme 1, 13 number of missing.The fourteenth and fifteenth provyazyvaem number, skip the next 4 rows.Thus the product we acquire the desired height.

Fields child Panama

    Fields panamki vyvyazyvayut as follows: the first and second row knit two columns without nakida every third loop.The next six rows knit columns without nakida in each loop.Due to this smooth edges of the product are obtained and the length field is sufficient to provide good protection against the sun.

    Decorating Summer panama for girls crochet

    Decorate baby hat, you can use a small monochrome butterflies, knit scheme 2.

    notation on the chart Photo:

    .- Overhead Loop

    × - bar without nakida

    | - bar one nakida

    ̑ - connecting loop

    Note!Decorate summer hat for girls can also be knitted flowers, beads, beads.
    1. vyvyazyvayut 7 pieces of air loops and closes them in the ring.Then tied circle recruit 3 v.p.p. 2 st.s / n.4 VPand so repeated four times.
    2. second row start, turning knitting purl side facing you.Thus the second row provyazyvaem butterfly circle in the opposite direction.Gaining v.p.p.and knit a column with nakida the arch of 4 VPThere also provyazyvaem 4 tbsp.Two nakida ring three VP, 4 tbsp.Two nakida, bar with nakida.We connect with the first row of knitting art.b / n.
    3. the bottom half of the first wing to start knitting st.b / n.Then knit 2 column with one column and 3 nakida two, knit ring from 3 ce, three columns with two nakida and 2 with one nakida.Winglet ready.The second wing is similar to knit.
    4. Antennae knit basic knitting after the butterfly, not interrupting the working thread.On the base of the butterfly recruit 10 ceWe bind up st.b / n.So the first antenna will be ready when the knitting will return to the starting point.Second mustache knit similarly.