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Javier Bardem

Spanish actor Javier Bardem stepped onto the road of cinema at an early age, when the 4-year-old boy offered to play in the television series "Dodger".And in 6 years, he landed a role in the feature film "Rogue."The actor is sure that if parents have not gone through a divorce when Xavi was only 2 years old, and the mother did not take him with me to Madrid, he could become a successful businessman.

Biography and interesting facts from childhood Javier Bardem

a teenager Javier devoted his spare time to sports.He managed to achieve success, and Bardem became a member of the junior national team of rugby in Spain.Artist also studied painting at the school of art and crafts Escuela de Artes y Oficios.However, he went on to appear in small roles of various TV series and toured the country with an independent theater company.

The road to the stars of Hollywood film industry

The 20-year-old Javier made his debut, playing a cameo role in the film "The Age of Lulu", which also starred his mother.Young talent is extremely liked the director and Bardem got the lead

role in the film "Jamón Jamón."It is the work of the entire filmography of Javier Bardem earned him fame seducer and the first known outside Spain.

actor received international recognition after the premiere of the movie "Before Night Falls."This work opened the way for him to Hollywood, but to succeed Javier fairly tried - he dropped 15 kg of weight to look like a character Reinaldo Arenas.But anguish worth it to get the prize at the Venice Film Festival, the award "Golden Globe" and a nomination for "Oscar".It should be noted that Javier was the first Spanish actor, who got the prestigious nomination.

Known movies with Javier Bardem

Subsequently a list of movies with Javier Bardem added iconic paintings such as:

  • «The Sea Inside»
  • «Live Flesh»
  • «Goya's Ghosts»
  • «a miracle»
  • «Eat, Pray,Love »
  • « 007: Coordinates "Skayfoll»
  • «Old Men»
  • «Advisor»

Secrets privacy

Brutal handsome, clever seducer and talented actor since 2007 faithful famous beauty Penelope Cruz.The first years of a pair of carefully concealed his affair, but their relationship soon became known throughout the world.Since the actor is quite secretive about his love twists and turns, little is known.Before becoming the husband of Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem for 10 years I have lived with an American translator Christina Peylz.Their acquaintance took place on the set of the picture "Ham, Ham", but the wedding affair and failed.

Love and family Javier Bardem

summer 2010, Penelope and Javier were engaged in the Bahamas, and in January next year the couple appeared firstborn - a son Leonardo.And after only 2 years, in July 2013. Javier became the father of a beautiful daughter of the Moon.The pair is considered a model family couple, what is very proud of.

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