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Boris Grachevsky

In school, the creator of "Jumble" Boris Grachevsky was a leader among his peers, and after graduation he enrolled in college, where he learned the skill of turning the case.In 1968, the young Boris served in the Army, after service in which he returned to his father asking him to arrange a TV.So the fate threw them Grachevsky at the studio.Gorky, where he was waiting television does not work as a loader.

Childhood Boris Grachevsky

Of Loader leaders "Jumble»

natural tenacity, persistence and desire to reach the heights of Boris Grachevsky helped get to work in the plant property room, where he was offered a job as a handyman at the filming of "Crime and Punishment."It was there that a young and ambitious man was able to see the whole process of making a film from the "inside."

Later Grachevsky got to the site, where the film "Barbarian, beauty, long braid" under the leadership of director Alexander Row, who would later celebrate the efforts of the young assistant and offer him a cameo.Since he lived at the studio, almost w

ithout leaving its walls.Nearly two years, the future director of "Jumble" Boris Grachevsky worked as an assistant, so learn a few kinoprofessy.

acquired knowledge helped Boris entered VGIK, where he received a degree in "Organization of the film industry."And in 1974, together with Alexander Khmelik they have created a project of the legendary film magazine "Jumble".From the first editions of the work won the hearts of the audience and sign up today it is a milestone in the history of cinema.Subsequently

activity Boris Grachevsky actively developed, and he became director of such cult works, as the film "Roof" and the TV show "So far all the houses."

Boris and his career Grachevsky

Life Filmmakers

His future wife Galina director of the magazine "Jumble" met while working at the studio.By the way, the first wife of Boris Grachevsky a long time did not pay attention to him, but the young man got his, and in 1970 the couple were married.In marriage, a son Maxim, and later daughter Xenia.

But despite 35 years of living together in a marriage, the couple filed for divorce.Boris Grachevsky on the reasons for not strongly emphasized, however, divorce was restless.After all, the filmmaker began to call his ex-wife a widow, emphasizing the fact that he was for it "died".

Interesting facts from the personal life of Boris Grachevsky

After the divorce Boris long sought happiness and found him in the person of the young beauty Anna Panasenko.The audience was a little shocked because it is his junior by 38 years.But despite the rumors and gossip about how old Boris Grachevsky Anna all survived and stayed together with loved ones.Already in 2012, she gave him a daughter Vasilisa.And today is an example of a pair of strong family relationships.

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