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What is the tactile contact?

What is the tactile contact and how important it is for a mother and child?

Thanks sensitivity of the skin newborn begins to receive and process information from the outside world: what is good and what is bad;pleasant - unpleasant, and so on. n. The kid sees, hears, but in the first months he begins to understand the world only through the sensations of touch and skin.Even at a very young age, he becomes aware of any objects or people set him friendly and which are not.

Features of education a child with a tactile contact.

fact has long been seen: the more a child hugging, kissing, making him a massage, stroke, so it is less than he cares, crying.On the other hand, to develop rapidly and become more receptive.

Remember that kid came from a warm and safe environment for my mother's belly in a strange and unknown world and need affection.Mom, in this case, the only one who can best help to learn how to harmoniously daze it settle.If you do not want your child has grown closed or aggressive, often try to press it to his chest, to take the handles, stro

king and kissing.Tactile communication - the key to a healthy mind.

Influence of touch in the upbringing of the child.

Certainly, many moms do not just notice that the baby's movement more stiffness and messy, but it's worth it to touch as they gradually become quieter and smoother, the muscles relax.How to develop a parent

tactile contact with the child?

Since the first months after the birth of a baby sleeps a lot, try to use every minute of his waking hours.Make crumbs gentle tapping and stroking massage: it's not only relieve muscular hypertonicity, but also soothe it.

few tips:

  • Moms have often pressed the child to his heart.This sounds familiar to him since the womb and symbolizes safety, warmth.
  • Flatten short palms, drive on them with your finger.Is bent and extending each finger.Do not be afraid to gently tickle heels, knead them.
  • While swimming is often recommended to wash the baby's own hands.Massage movements also welcomed.
  • lulling in their own hands - one of the most effective ways to reassure and help the baby sleep.Your movements should not be harsh or variety, try rocking at the same pace.Remarkably, if accompanied by the lulling quiet lullaby.Also, take care of a comfortable temperature in the room.

How to communicate with the child tactilely

knowledge of what the tactile contact and how to use it to communicate not only allow you to develop a healthy mind kid, but as a parent, to know all the joy of manifestation of your love.

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