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Better with age

  1. Daria Melnikova

    this young actress many of us remember the role of sports Eugene from the series "Father's Daughter."Image of 'pretty darling girl' and girls from next door, seemed ideal Dasha.And no wonder, because she loved Dasha baggy clothes, putting it in several layers and combining a variety of styles.But before the wedding, and after the shooting in the romantic comedy "Once" changed the attitude of the actress for her appearance.The film takes place in bright 70s - the mini-skirts, dresses and feminine flowered forms.The heroine Dasha is easy to turn a head the neighbor children, it plays real Soviet femme fatale.The actress admits that this role has changed her attitude to her own image.Now she is trying to look feminine and prefer a more elegant style of dress.Converts Dasha we can see already in theaters May 21.
  2. Avril Lavigne

    The famous punk rocker parents are grown in severity and did not allow much.But thanks to its recognizable style tomboy she has achieved such popularity.Avr
    il loves to combine incongruous, she is constantly changing, while remaining true to itself.Camouflage pants, simple T-shirt with a tie combined, rough shoes or sneakers and straight blond hair over time transformed into blond curls, heels and dresses.Young girls worldwide so fond of diverse style of Avril, she decided to launch her own clothing line.
  3. Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift from the popular US country singer to his 25 years has become a pop star of world scale.She sings beautifully, she wrote lyrics, but with their own appearance long time could not cope.Until such time as her life did not appear magician stylist.Hollywood master forced Swift to lose weight, change her hairstyle and how to work on the style of the singer.Now she shines in elegant clothes not only on the carpet, but even sports engaged in a thoughtful way cute.The result of these efforts was the performance on the show Victorias Secret for two years in a row!Note that before Taylor did not receive such an honor, no celebrity.
  4. Natalia Ionov

    In recognition of the singer she was troubled child and a lot of trouble to parents, they had to pull it out forever any scrapes.This character could not affect the image of Natalia, jeans, shirts, shoes and massive tails were the hallmark of the young singer.The music performed under the pseudonym Natalia Glucose was also made in an original, often humorous way.But marrying and giving birth to a child, she has changed a lot.She became soft and feminine, not only internally, but also externally: began to wear dresses and heels.Now Natalia is considered one of the most beautiful, stylish and bright stars of Russian show business.For external changes, and you can follow the work of Natalia on her page in the instagram.
  5. Megan Fox

    striking example of a girl, which change in appearance helped to radically change lives.However, not without the help of a plastic surgeon, and other fighters for female beauty in the face of beauticians, makeup artists and stylists.Megan never openly confirmed the presence of at plastic surgery, but there need not be a doctor to see the difference.As a result of the active intervention in his own acting career appearance Megan jerked sharply up, a lot of offers from well-known producers.Star made her role in the film "Transformers", which opened the way to Hollywood Olympus.The last few years does not leave Megan rankings of the sexiest and most beautiful women in the world.Apparently, the victim brought by the altar of beauty, really been worth it.
  6. Polina Gagarina
    former graduate of the "American Idol" has come a long way in the search for his own style.After giving birth to a child, she lost weight by 40 kg in six months!Pauline sat on a rigid diet and exercise for several hours a day.This transformation could not go unnoticed, not only for fans of the talent, but also for the environment of the male singer.According to Pauline, slimming and image change allowed her to marry a "perfect man" and opened a new career horizons.In late May, Polina will represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna.We sincerely wish to win the girl, and believe that it yields to this top!

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