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How to teach a teenager to order?

order that the child not only learn, but also liked to keep order in the house is enough:

  1. always support his initiatives, even if they seem to you at first glance, it is illogical.
  2. impart a habit from an early age.For example, if cleaning, then two or three times a week.

How to teach a teenager to order?

general teenager train to something difficult, because this matter should begin much earlier.But we should not prematurely disappointed.It is better to be patient, understanding and share tricks that will help put everything in its place.

Be Specific

Usually teen phrase: "When you bring everything in order?", It is not clear.What exactly it is necessary to put in order the unknown.Only one way out - to lay everything on the shelves.Blurts out in detail what you need to do: wash the dishes, put down the book, vacuumed carpet.

The fact that children do not notice the chaos around him, because he did not feel it necessary.All this is due to their unformed organization.

Never punish cleaning and
do not encourage

for it is very important to observe the golden mean.If you begin to punish the teenager cleaning, he developed an aversion to the process, and you will never be able to instill in him a love for purity and the need for it.

can not and encourage cleaning.If you overestimate the importance of this work, he can not understand that in this process there is nothing heroic, it's just the norm.It is important to instill the need for cleanliness and comfort.

Punishment in the form of cleaning can only discourage a child anything at once clean.

do not require immediate

It is important that the child knew that the room should be clean, but when he put things in order a private matter.It is not necessary to come and claim immediately take up the mop.This rule of personal space, which should be respected regardless of age.You should learn to respect his plans.If he says he will take away half an hour, because now watching the film, it is not necessary to insist, perhaps this film is very important to him.

Never put them in the room of a teenager yourself

It operates the same rules of personal space.It is not necessary vdiratsya into the room and start to lay out everything on your own.Remember that your child has the right to personal belongings, and even little secret.Besides, he certainly has a place for everything, and you can disrupt these ideas and thus cause a lot of dissatisfaction and even his confidence in the future.

Give him time to understand

Believe me, the chaos that is taking too long for a teenager to become no less intolerable than for you.So just shut up and do nothing.He does not want to clean up in the room, do not force.Let the trash accumulates until the child did not want their little clear blockages.For greater effect, refuse to do for him, and other things around the house, for example, to hang your laundry or wash stop him dishes.However, do not forget to warn the teen that it is now only his duty.

Try not to put pressure on the child and give him the right to dispose of their time on their own.

In any case, it is not necessary to provoke a conflict situation.Try to negotiate.You can offer a compromise, for example, it can clean up in a room on your own, but it should in no way affect the purity of the other rooms in the house.Remember, the aggression will not give the desired result and the process of education requires your patience and personal example.