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Polka Dance (picture) - the origin and movements of Practice (Video)

word "polka" in Czech means half step.Fast paced dance moves require sharpness, clarity and agility, and thus makes small steps and fast.Because harmony dance called the country of Poland many people think that this is what the state is home to dance, but it is not.Polka appeared almost two hundred years ago in the Czech province of Bohemia.Thanks to its performance Hassle she turned his head to people of different social status, and no action of this magic was hard to imagine a solemn event, whether secular or popular festivities.The popularity of the polka spread to the Czech Republic in France, and soon she captivated the whole of Europe.Hence, variation of the name, for example, Finnish, Belarusian, Hungarian and so on.

Let's take a look at the basic movements of the dance.Firstly, polka - a fresh statement.Second, perform it at a rapid pace, the time signature of 2/4.This is a simple dance and novice artists should learn

a couple of basic movements.On the other hand seemingly easy steps require dancer virtuoso performance - not too fast pace of everyone's strength.

Polka - a social and at the same time act in concert.It is appropriate not only to the parties and corporate parties, but it looks excellent on stage.

Design polka different for different nationalities.For example, the Belarusians sing it very gracefully, Russian - fun, but the Estonians - this is perhaps the only nation that was able to turn the dance of the super-fast in the slow.

Polka included in the list of ballroom dancing, but immediately appeared and its ballroom species such as the mazurka, gallop and cotillion.The basic dance step called - polka.It is a combination of half that connects the console.This combination is performed in a circle or line dancing.Generally polka dancing people with different levels of training.It is both an ancient and modern dance.

way, Polka is one of the first in the list of learning the choreography in kindergartens.For children dance the polka useful because it develops great capabilities of the vestibular apparatus and endurance.

All kinds of Polka have common basic movements, on which you can find it among hundreds of other dances.Let's look at and try to repeat a few simple steps.

The first thing we notice - step with a hop.In fact, his name already speaks for itself.Perform the movement should be easy and relaxed.Account clock will sound like this: "And one, two, three, and one, two, three ..." or "and once, twice, and three ...".

with a hop step consists of the elements:

  1. Climb slightly on the toes for two quarters counting cycles of dance.
  2. on account of "and" a little sit down, and the "just" a sharp movement vypryamtes and straighten your knees so that they are strung like a string.
  3. Further rise on the toes and at «two» slowly lower your knees and relax, so that they did not have stress, and they looked at ease.
  4. This movement continues by bending the legs, which is performed by ¼ cycle.First on "and" make a small (almost invisible) squat, then - the feeble knees.
  5. In "once" straighten the bent knee of the left leg and the right bend.
  6. again on "and" the right foot is placed on the whole foot, knees and relax.

During this movement the dancer's body must remain perfectly flat and resist the inertial motion repeats partner.

Another basic movement polka called stepping.Sing it for one cycle: on "and" Bend your right leg and lift demi on the left, to the account of "times" are marching right foot in place, continue to account "and" step in place left foot.Repeat steps a few times, first by making forward, then right, left and back, and the second step is to look like a set-top box.

today enjoys great popularity Finnish polka dance.It is performed not only in Finland, but also in other countries.In this dance step with priskokom and pereshagivaniya also used quite actively.

Finnish polka children

Finnish polka like adults and children.This dance is one of the first to perform matinees in kindergartens.Vigorous child's body perceives a polka very easy, all the movements are remembered and repeated the kids a breeze.In addition, through this fast-action children spend the entire day is not spent energy.

Look how beautiful looks on the Finnish polka matinee.Fulfilling the most simple basic movements (stepping with a hop and a step), the girls quickly give birth to the public.

Note that in a speech attended by girls only, and where you need to get a pair for making movements in circles, baby are paired together.

Here is another statement - Finnish polka dance in kindergarten by the youngest pupils.

Yes, kids a little confused about the movements, but clearly that they enjoy this colorful event.And who would have thought that some of the kids are not able to speak clearly and distinctly, and has mastered the dance steps of the Finnish polka.

Instill in the child a love of polka, setting an example for yourself - and your energy will always be positive!