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Latin American dances

Species Latin American dance (photo)

Today, Latin American dances are divided into two groups: classical (or as they are called - ball) and club.The former belong to the samba, rumba, paso doble, cha-cha-cha and jive to the second - salsa, bachata, merengue and mambo.

For example, rumba called "the dance of love."This is not surprising, because of all the dancing in this group it is filled with the deepest emotion.Initially considered merely a wedding rumba dance, their movements are transferred to the sincere and warm feelings of partners.Sensuality is very important during the performance of the rumba.Partners who are not in love in real life, must be close spiritually to be able to play on the stage of passion, love and attraction to each other.

Samba - a Brazilian combination of incendiary and temperamental movements with sensuality and tenderness.But we all know how Brazilians like presentation, beautiful costumes and spirited rhythms.All this is characteristic of the samba.

Cha-cha-cha and jive - this is probably the most energetic forms of classical Latin dances.They only need to perform the melody with fast rhythm and with a smile on the face of each partner.Cha-cha-cha allows you to open up and show its magnetism in the dance partner is, but Jive gives a chance to the partner.The main thing is that the elements of male and female styles of dance movements with an organic looking partner.

known to all as the Paso Doble dance that celebrates the music of Spanish bullfighting.Movement pasodoble are similar to the basic movements of flamenco.The main difference from other dance paso doble - a statement of the case, when the breast is slightly raised, shoulders - are omitted, and the head performs abrupt movements between which is fixed in the raised or lowered to the side down position.

As for the Latin dance club, then their performance is not so stringent as to the ballroom.Salsa, merengue and bachata do not need the performance of learned and perfected movements.Yes, these dances are also basic steps and basic movements, but the main role in their performance plays improvisation.This dance, which can be enjoyed in a club or at a party, without the long hours of rehearsals, all the movements in a particular combination.There are many steps in salsa, bachata and merengue, which the fiery Latin rhythms can be combined in any way.The task of the partners - to give each other a chance to show their passion, emotion and relax in the dance.

Salsa, for example, can be not only energetic, but also sensual, unhurried, when the emphasis is on the gentle touch of partners to each other.

Merengue - a rhythmic dance, which is not acceptable valyazhnye slow motion.In the performance of merengue very important erotic nature.Parterre should flirt with each other, enticing sensuality and improvised movements.

clothes Latin dance

Latin American dances are considered to be the most energetic and groovy.That is why their performance should be selected not only beautiful clothes, but also comfortable.Dresses, skirts, costumes should not hamper the movement of the pair during a passionate bachata, playful salsa, rumba or incendiary fun cha-cha-cha.

Basic requirements for clothing with Latin dance

Comfort. Many movements require good flexibility and ductility.During certain dance stunts, especially the comfort to the dancer did not worry about where and what element of the wardrobe he presses, rubs, prevent or jumps.

natural materials.Dresses Latin dances should be sewn from natural fibers, which provide good air penetration.

sports bags and training. If you are a beginner and want to regularly attend training at the Latin American group dances, you handy sportswear.Experts claim that it allows you to work out all the movements as well as possible, and even before the demonstration performances should move to a more elegant option.

Shoes. When you put on a training suit, you can put on shoes sneakers, but only a special design - that the soles were not suckers hindering make turns, sharp and quick movement.In general, for a special Latin dance shoes - it's sandals on a flat sole and a small heel.Buying a pair of shoes, be sure to clearly choose the size.Pay attention to the thumb of the feet do not protrude beyond the soles of sandals.Men are also the best dancing in shoes with a heel.This should be a classic model with a heel height of about 2-3 cm.

incisions on skirts and dresses or free cutting. for active movements hips only use clothes light and airy style.Tight silhouette skirts and dresses quite suitable for Latin American dances.In addition, wearing a tight skirt, you are risking to get into an awkward situation when she burst on you while dancing or rise up, showing underwear.

Hairstyles for Latin dance (photo)

incendiary Latin American dances can be executed both during the holiday fun at a party at the club and at the demonstrations in front of the jury.It is from this and depends directly on the choice of hairstyles for performances.Thus, for a typical party youth fit flirty loose hair with playful curls, but for performances during the competition - alas, no.And if many hairstyles for special demonstration rooms in everyday life would be appropriate, the usual daily laying on major competitions and festivals - is mauvais ton.So let's look at the most suitable options for hairstyles demonstration festivals.

most popular hairstyle for Latin American programs such as adult performers and children - is a beam which is in common are called "bun".The beam can be supplemented with sequins, rhinestones or curls.

second traditional hairstyle for Latin American floors - is the tail.He looked very impressive on the long straight hair and thick-to-face for everybody dancers.As an option, this hairstyle can be slightly modified.One has only to transform ready-tail braid.

Remember - no matter what clothes and hairstyle you choose to perform an incendiary salsa or bachata passionate, your good humor and smile will make sure unsurpassed performance and memorable!