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Booty dance - sexuality and femininity in one bottle

dance style where shaking booty

Unfortunately, in the Russian style of dance where booty shaking, it's too popular.But after a few demonstrations of his skills popularity dancers dance booty is growing every day, and soon will be able to bypass this action are modern dance, like hip-hop.In fact booty dance - it's just for us to exotic and unknown direction, today it remains at the peak of popularity in other countries.It's called a dance butidans (booty dance).It consists of Jamaican and African dance movements.Dance booty dance sexy, alluring and relaxed.

Besides entertainment, dance Booty gives a woman still care about her health.Basic movements of the dance are the various movements booty, especially the rotation of the hips, the tension of the abdominal muscles, hips and strikes original motion knees.With these basic elements during the execution of Booty dance happening strengthening the abdominal muscles and hips, blood flows precisely in this area of ​​the body, which has a positive effe

ct on the state of women's bodies and reproductive function.

incendiary dance booty - basic movements

main plus bootie dance - this is what you can learn in the shortest possible time.You do not have to take years to show their skills.In addition, you can list a number of reasons why women need to pay attention to a new kind of dance booty - bootydance.

If you learn to dance booty:

  1. On the floor behind you will be guaranteed to see hundreds of enthusiastic attitudes, and men do not deprive your attention.
  2. Movement bootydance help you keep your body in good shape thanks to the rhythmic tension of abdominal muscles and hips.
  3. In everyday life, your behavior will change too - would be a graceful gait and movements are feminine and plastic.
  4. Increased blood circulation in the hip area of ​​improving women's health.
  5. Thanks sensation of sexuality you get confidence in themselves and their appearance.

The dance bootydance are two types of basic movements - and it hiprolling bootyshake.Niprolling is a movement that made her hips and belly.They are reminiscent of oriental dance and is an indispensable element bootydance.But bootyshake - is tightening the muscles of the buttocks, which is performed to the beat of the music.

Video booty dance - lessons for beginners

Let's try to learn a choreographed dance booty.

Should immediately say that pre-workout warm-up is required to do: Spread the legs wide and bend their knees, then start moving the pelvis forward and back, side to side in a fairly rapid pace.Then, at the same position the legs take a few spins wide hips in a circle.

now proceed directly to the study of movement butidansa.

  1. first exercise: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, body tilted at an angle of forty-five degrees, a little sit down, put his hands on his knees.Now imagine that your pelvis is similar to the board, which will be tilted up and down on each side.In other words, you will alternately raise and lower one, then the second buttock.Movement should be sharp and energetic.This element of the dance can be performed in a calm pace and accelerated.When lowering and lifting the buttocks occurs in the most rapid pace, then it looks very impressive.
  2. second movement is called brukdaun.During his execution should be the full load with waist transferred to the sacrum.To do this, a little sit down at his feet wide apart, pull your upper abs and only move the pelvis.Since dance bootydance - a dance booty, do not complement brukdaun active hand movements.
  3. Now proceed to the study of the third movement called shake.In the performance of the cervix is ​​very important top press and back muscles.Again, set up the wide legs and a little sit down.Now make a high emission pelvis up while leaving his feet and other parts of the body motionless, and the release of a smaller one.So alternating high emissions and the release of up smaller, and you realize the movement shake.By the way, you can dance and shake sitting: sit down, put your heels together, toes apart, stand with your feet so that your knees looked in different directions, keep your back straight, and seemed to throw your hips up.
    RememberDuring the execution of the neck and buttocks brukdauna should be as relaxed.
  4. next move Booty dance - it's "eight".Exercise is as follows: Stand erect, do springy knees and draw using weight transfer eight, making semicircles one hip with one hand and with the second.Housing in this case is to be real, but it can be raised or lowered at exactly 45 °.Moreover, based on the rhythm of the song, the eight may be faster or slower.Dancing girl could even sit down completely, but do not forget the hips drawing an infinity sign.

All these movements require girls good physical preparation.If you do not exercise, after the implementation of these movements may hurt the muscles that were involved.

Brazilian booty dance - video

Everyone knows that the people of Brazil is quite temperamental and energetic people.Dancing Brazilians booty look very sexy, and act as a magnet for men.And all because of the fact that the stronger sex in the first place pays attention to the hips of women.In the Brazilian girls are always rounded and pop as it is raised slightly upwards.This form is considered the most sexy hips, so watch it and even dance bootydance - a pleasure.

to dance Brazilian booty dancing, a must-have tightened buttocks and thighs.We recommend that you 2-3 times a week go to the gym or train at home.Just 20 minutes a day - and your buttocks will gain a rounded shape tightened that and would like to demonstrate the dance bootydance.The most effective exercises for shaping buttocks - it squats and lunges.Good result gives the following exercise: when you're standing on the widely spread legs and keep the body straight, bend your knees and squat down slightly by 2-3 cm, hold the body in this position for 2-3 minutes.Then drops even lower at 3 cm and again wait for 2 minutes.So go down as long as you feel that in order to exercise you have no strength.

sure to learn to dance bootydance - this dance is guaranteed to give you confidence and will plunge into the world of the Brazilian temperament.

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