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Irina Pegova: marital status

The current career - a fleeting phenomenon.Today it has developed, and tomorrow - disintegrated.

your spouse Dmitry Orlov - a high handsome, popular actor.It is no secret that the creative personalities are often subject to the romantic impulses of passion to his mates on the set.Forgiving one another such "little prank?"If Dima something of such things themselves and let, I about it I'll never know, I guess.We respect and value each other.Men - people polygamous.But I believe that a man can not be just an idle playboy.Especially when we got married, Dime was 33 years old, by which time he had already walk up.Therefore, I believe, know and trust my second half.Sometimes I do, and he had fits of jealousy, like all normal people, but not for long.Anyway, her husband shadowing is not satisfied.I know that some wives even answer the phone instead of her husband.But to stoop to such a level - not love themselves and do not respect.

Classic English literature
thought: "Men marry out of boredom, and women

- out of curiosity."In the case of Irina Pegova, marital status, which was enough for a good career, everything happened?

I have curiosity in this matter did not exist.When she married, she was already old enough 25-year-old girl: I see that this event is about to occur.On the contrary, I felt the fear of the institution of marriage.Before marriage seen many couples, it is unfortunate.Around me were people with difficult family life: tears, scandals, fierce antagonism to each other.It scares me a script.And suddenly I, too, so it will be?This is a living hell!Better to be alone!How many can remember, I never yearned to marry.I knew that one day people will be dedicated to me again, and everything will be solved in a jiffy.So it happened that we met with Dima at the film festival in Warsaw and soon began living together.But what about the candy-flower period?We did not have it.We spent a couple of years together, then got married and we had a child.Only after the chocolate-flower days.We decided that it is much more interesting to make each other gifts, surprises and bring joy during everyday life.Not a birthday, New Year's and March 8, but every day.Recently, my husband tried his hand in the role of director, producer - a few months disappeared for days on the set.But returning home late at night or early in the morning, Dima gave me a bouquet of flowers, knowing that I miss his attention and care.He compensated for his lack of gifts and flowers.The truth is that you do not wear wedding rings and signed at the insistence of the parents?

women say: we all dream about the wedding.And Irina Pegova marital status is not an exception.In the end we got married.Wedding rings do not wear.Dima does not like to wear jewelry, he even walks without a clock.And I'm afraid of losing the ring, often lose their gold jewelry.

Irina, you superstitious?
believe in omens?Sometimes, I believe.For example, in that magnificent ostentatious wedding - a sure harbinger of the imminent breakup.I do not know when famous personalities scale cover their wedding in the press and on television.We just got married in a registry office.There were no veils, no white dress.

Every girl dreams of leaving the parade in a white wedding dress.Do you regret this omission?

Not at all.I do not like a wedding gatherings of family and friends for the sake of all ate, drank and naplyasalis plenty.We Dima has enough reasons to gather friends and family and have a holiday.

Irina in your family - patriarchy or matriarchy?

In our family - the unconditional supremacy of men.I know the domestic issues, but my husband says - so be it.No options.Now the weaker sex more pulls the blanket over himself in the balance of power position in the family.

Irina, so you decide to build your life differently?You do not want to be commander in chief of the family, my mother?

I do not like this situation.If I have a husband - especially such as Dima, - healthy, strong, who can lead the family to earn money, take responsibility for your house - why do I need to lay it all on his frail shoulders?A woman should relax and live in peace, doing only a child and cooking.What do you think, what is the power of women?Can she keep her husband, who has decided to leave?I believe that the happiness of the family is to spend more time in communication: to discuss the existing problems, to forgive, to be able to negotiate with each other.The main thing - do not be silent in the corners!Woman, by their nature, should be the first to make concessions, all smooth and avoid conflict, the more verbal skirmishes, I do it a lot more difficult because of pride and self-esteem.The woman, too, have such qualities, but it must try to appease them and forget, if he wants to keep a man for the sake of family well-being.That is to hide their pride deep down.Irina, and if it has changed?What to do with women's pride then?

It's a different situation.Thank God, I have this in my life was not, and I hope that will not happen.I think I would be hard to understand and forgive betrayal.Probably, because I truly believe: this happened to me can not.I would not want so much to be disappointed.

But how many people
- so many opinions.We are all different, and someone can not forgive even a bad word in the address.Usually men try to surprise women their actions.

Irina, remember, what surprises you staged her husband?There were many such examples.One time I was shot last month in Kiev, and Dima worked in Murmansk.We saw each other rarely, when we coincided weekend.This story took place in the beginning of our relationship, then communicated mostly by phone.Suddenly we had a falling out, and I realized that over the phone I can not resolve the conflict.And I have scheduled just one day off.I buy a ticket to Moscow and from there fly to Murmansk.In the evening, I come to the hotel where the crew lived.I beg you to let me Administrator at Room Dima (he was on the job site at the time).But since I have a passport has not yet been zagsovskogo stamp, I, of course, are not allowed.And then, to my happiness, next held film producer, who recognized me and asked me to put in your room to your favorite.I immediately went to bed, and when he came to Dima, I found I was sleeping in his bed.Here's a surprise.In the morning I sit on a plane and doing the same way back to Kiev.And that, I believe, cool!I'm sure Dima was of the same opinion.Still, she flew to distant lands to midnight alone with him!

And Dima than you surprised?

pleasantly surprised
care.During the first pregnancy I had a miscarriage.Of course, I was in a state of shock.But my husband helped me get through the pain of loss, to survive this period.Dima then supported me very much emotionally.Sometimes there are situations in which I am lost, and my husband always finds the correct way, and I'm very grateful to him for support.

Irina, female cunning floats in order to achieve the desired from a spouse?

And how!Before her husband about something to ask, to find a suitable moment to do so.No efforts will not be successful if the man is in a bad mood.It all depends on the situation.If the request is presented in women soft, delicate and beautiful form - man mountain will roll!For example, Dima pointless throwing asking if he had just woken up and have not smoked a cigarette, do not take a shower.I know that it is better not to distract him from the important call or when he engaged in business.Before you start a conversation with Dima on the phone, always ask.

sometimes the lives of young couples deteriorates because of interference by parents.Irina, you were able to avoid these problems?

I was lucky-in-law
- a beautiful woman.Do not ask too many questions.She admits that it parses curiosity, but said that if we want to, do tell her everything.Perfect in-law!Sometimes I tell her about our family disputes, and it always takes my side, arguing that she is also a woman, and fully sympathize with me.I support it very pleasant.Irina and Dmitri too, mother-happy?

with my mom more and more difficult, and at first it was very difficult to find a common language with Dima.But a couple of years ago, the relationship seems to be normalized.The fact that my mother was the mistress of all life in the house - decided as a family to live.Therefore, it is strongly intervened in our lives, but lives in another city.When she comes to us or we to her - ever there are conflicts with Dima, misunderstandings are in the course of harsh words.I'm not surprised, because my mother always said to her husband, as well as what to do.But Dima realized that I should be a gentleman in every situation.He found the approach to his mother and was able to win her trust.They now have with my mom good relations.We are building a house in my native village of Vyksa.Workflow controls the mother, but calls Dima and advised: "What color do the roof?»

better for you to live separately from their parents?

course!All mothers are very experienced and are worried for the fate of their daughters.Because every man for them - the enemy, who had taken their daughter.Is it good to live with the man's daughter - she thinks.For example, I can not imagine what will happen to my Tanya when she grows up, and it would lead me a strange man.Moms always in thrall of fear.I will be very strict to consider candidates for the hand and heart of my daughter, and to find fault with the slightest nuances!But with the family of his daughter I will not interfere.Irina, tell me, my friends and share my ups and downs of family life?No outsider knows nothing about our personal relationships.Negotiate with strangers their family problems, to complain about her husband - worthless.My friend often talk about their family problems.Firstly, I lose your own precious time;Secondly, I do not interesting to listen to it.I believe that I have no moral right to give advice in such sensitive issues.Even my mother-in-law are not privy to the labyrinths of our family life.I rely on your intuition.Council only with her husband.If I Dima conflict situation, the way out of it, we must seek together.

If people need
each other, love and want to spend their days side by side - even if they do not converge and clash characters - still need to find a common language, to make concessions.I stifled a lot and changed as I realized: my character with the old Dmitry Orlov did not hold together.Therefore, the negative qualities in itself liquidate.I have a choice: nothing in itself does not change and remain the same or "break" themselves and stay close to the desirable man.It is certainly not easy.

Irina, you were taken to the famous film director Stanislav Govorukhin in "The Passenger."It is well known his deep sympathy for the women with a curvy shape.

truth.Govorukhin always openly stated that he prefers to shoot native Russian pyshnotelye beauties.He likes women in the body, so he could not pick out the right actresses.I do not know why exactly I liked Govorukhin, because in the world of cinema have a lot of other young actresses "with forms."But, I admit, it's nice.

modern men try to surround themselves not pyshnotelye beauties and anemic models.Irina, your husband does not need to adhere to the same canons of beauty?

If I ever
in the same parameters, then my role will be monotonous.I realize that to keep fit is necessary, but the size of the model will never reach and do not want to!That is my natural constitution.Yes, and my husband loves curvy shape!

you confirm that a successful artistic career and the ideal female figure linked?

course.Sometimes, because of the non-ideal shape losing role.Although in the eyes of this no one spoke to me.And once there was a funny incident with director Alexei Uchitel.For his painting "Dreaming of Space" was required to lose some weight.I sat on a diet doctor Volkova, which is that the blood is determined by the composition of "desirable" and "undesirable" products.Three months is very thin.During this period, I was cast in parallel in the film "Walk" the same teacher.The picture is clearly seen as I'm full before our eyes.At the beginning of the film, I slender girl, and by the end I was already blown.

Irina, though
, that as a child you are addicted to fencing?But in real life often attack or defend?

These skills helped me a lot in the film "Return of the Musketeers."In life, I often have to defend themselves.Although I am a peace-loving man.I do not like conflicts, because they do not know how to behave in these situations.When your mother learned that you do in the theater school, she was strongly opposed and said: "The world of actors - this constant lies, vulgarity, lewdness.They have an unenviable life. "You are convinced that mothers are always right?Absolutely.However, before I knew it.This unflattering characterization of the actors of society - the absolute truth.Of course, there are exceptions.

you came to Moscow from the provinces.Today became the capital Thing?

No, I am a village girl and not trying to be a capital thing, because it is not a compliment.I live just a house and theater.Everyone around knows that I come from the village of Vyksa.Why show off?Each of us - their skeletons in the closet.You worried about past grievances?

Three years ago, I left the theater "Pyotr Fomenko Workshop", where I had my acting debut.Now, faced with his former colleagues feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.Although it is believed that his career has made the right choice - in favor of the Studio Theatre Oleg Tabakov.This is the only life situation that disturbs me.With Piotr Fomenko Naumovich we met at one of the events six months ago, but with me he did not greet.I find it very strange and incomprehensible.But educated people I speak my "Hello!" And I want him to maintain civilized relations.After all, Peter N. - my teacher, I played five years in his theater.I love it and I love it for me authoritative personality.What he does not greet me - it's his choice.If it is so, I take revenge for leaving him in the "snuff-box" - is not serious.You-you - vindictive nature?No.Probably no one I do not hurt so much that I decided to take revenge on a person or make a nasty response.I do not want to waste your time, energy and nerves to such nonsense.Although if too much salt to - to answer adequately.

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