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Dmitry Shepelev starts a new life

he meets Shepelev up Zhanna Friske

Life handsome Belarusian Dmitry Shepelev always worried women.Charming man smiling from the TV screen, excited more than one girl's heart.First love next presenter met at school: a neighbor's party Katya Kolesnikova Dima became the first girl.But because of the filming of the Belarusian youth series aspiring actor did not pay enough attention to the girl, and the couple parted.

serious romance was with Shepeleva a student.As many as 7 years old, he met with Anna Startseva.The novel ended with the wedding ... Three weeks after the wedding, the couple divorced, and Dima went to Kiev.

Life Dmitry Shepelev

Love Story of Joan and Dmitry

rumors that Dmitry Shepelev and Jeanne Friske started dating, appeared in 2012.First showman not admit it, and answered reporters that his relationship with the singer - just PR.And the fans were close to the luxury Jeanne not a young boy, and a solid and secured man.

Life Dmitry Shepelev

After some time, the paparazzi spotted rounded tummy of the singer - and a couple stop

ped to hide the relationship.

Life Dmitry Shepelev

As it turned out, Jeanne and Dima met on the set of a music TV show "Property of the Republic."The charismatic lead singer immediately liked, despite the fact that he was younger than her almost 10 years.Fans worried about the question whether the wedding?In a candid interview with the magazine "OK!" Presenter said he was not in a hurry to put a new stamp in the passport, since previous marriage failed.

Zhanna Friske has never concealed that it is ready to leave the career for the man she loved.After learning about the pregnancy, she began to speak less, it does not appear on the secular parties, and then disappeared for a while out of sight of the press.In April 2013, Jeanne gave birth to the son of Plato.But after the joyful event came almost at once sad: doctors have diagnosed a terrible singer - an inoperable brain tumor.

Life Dmitry Shepelev

Shepelev torn between the hospital, where lay Jeanne, and work, trying to find the funds for expensive treatment.Many fans of the singer annoying Instagram Shepeleva, in which Dmitry lecturing "majeure" photographs from the shooting and celebrations.In an interview Shepelev admitted that the work - his "lifeline", it allows a little escape from the hard reality.

Life Dmitry Shepelev

Dmitry until recently believed that Jeanne recover.He said that the birthday of the singer offered her hand and heart.The couple dreamed of a beautiful wedding when the disease has receded.Lovers even exchanged rings since Shepelev Friske called his wife.Almost two years lasted the struggle for life.Unfortunately, Jeanne was unable to beat cancer.

Why not have time to say goodbye Shepelev Jeanne

Shepeleva was not there in the last days of the woman he loved, he took his son on holiday in Bulgaria.After the sad news on the showman flurry of accusations: Jeanne fans could not understand why he was not close to dying wife?Later Shepelev said he wanted to protect the young son of negative impressions, so took him to a resort.Having learned the terrible news, he waited in Bulgaria, where his father had come to stay with her grandson.Therefore Shepeleva was not on the funeral ceremony for singer in "Crocus City", he had only come to the funeral.Immediately after the funeral Shepelev returned to Bulgaria to Plato.

Life Dmitry Shepelev

Life after the death of Dmitry Shepelev Friske

After the death of Joan showman went into themselves, not wanting to give interviews and press comments.He only noticed that their relationship with his wife were perfect:

«We were with Jeanne in joy and in sorrow.We were with Jeanne and in health and disease.It is these relationships that preaches humanity.This can dream, but it can be and live »
Life Dmitry Shepelev

Familiar Shepeleva extremely concerned about the psychological state of the singer.TV presenter Andrei Malakhov told about a chance meeting with Dmitry at a Moscow airport.According to Malakhov, Dmitri looked like a haggard gray-haired man with a beard.It was Plato who was again taken to Bulgaria.Shepelev Malakhov said that he wanted to get away from the gossip and everything that reminds him of the tragedy.

Where Shepelev today?

Russian producer Yevgeny Friedland said that he met Dmitry Shepelev and Plato in the Bulgarian town Ravda Hotel «Emerald Beach Resort and Spa».Plato constantly kept dad's arm and would not let go for a minute.Friedland called Plato's real hero and told that Dmitry keeps struggling.According to the producer, Shepelev deliberately does not go to the Internet and watching TV, trying to keep the nerves from negative comments and articles about the sea Joan's death.Just a few weeks showman stay in Bulgaria with his son about his future plans, he does not report.

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