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What will happen to the son of Janna Friske?

Why Zhanna Friske later gave birth?

told television producer Bari Alibasov LifeNews, Jeanne always aspired to self-knowledge and harmony, many involved in yoga and meditation.She was erudite woman, and that is so drawn to her men.But ex-member "brilliant" has not been able to meet a decent man with whom could start a family.

The son of Janna Friske

At 38, she met a charming young TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev.Soon appeared in the press photos of the singer with a round tummy.Jeanne stopped giving concerts with the favorite man flew to Miami.

Pregnant Jean Friske

long-awaited son

last months of pregnancy, the star held in the United States.In his Facebook, she wrote about how she likes to Miami.There's a lot she walked along the ocean, inspired in the Miami Art Museum and talked with Russian friends - TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva and colleague "brilliant" Olga Orlova.

Lera Kudryavtseva told the magazine StarHit, that labor cost Jeanne in 6000 dollars, as well as the decision about the singer's son called Plato.

Pregnant Zhanna Friske in Miami

In one of the best c

linics in Miami, April 7, 2013 Friske had a son.On the joyful news all said Olga Orlova in Facebook, as Joan has published on his page on the social network of children's handprints photo.Despite the fact that Frisco and Shepelev were not officially married, their son got Dad's name.

Photos son of Jeanne Friske after birth

Was the singer is ill during pregnancy?

After her death her family was told that the star learned of a terrible disease during pregnancy.She was going to a difficult choice: to urgently start a course of treatment and to lose a child or maintain a pregnancy, but to risk their own lives.Strong and courageous Jeanne chose the second option.

After birth Jeanne remained in the US to receive treatment of cancer.A little later, along with her son and her husband, she went to China, where he spent the next course of treatment.About a year later I began Friske remission.Jeanne felt fine: it moves independently, thin, her vision improved.In the summer of 2014 the singer was vacationing in Jurmala, there was held a christening Plato became godparents Olga Orlova and Fyodor Fomin.

Godson Zhanna Friske

After christening happy family Jeanne Dmitry Plato returned to Moscow, settling in a country house.Mother and son walked a lot in the fresh air and visiting children's parties.In December 2014, they made a lot of noise in the media, appearing at New Year "Northern Lights."The singer happily told me that the baby had reprimanded "Mom" and "Dad."The journalists decided not to take Jeanne and her little son shamelessly flashes of cameras, so the press no photos Frisco with his son on the tree.

Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev

who engaged in education Plato Shepeleva?

When Jeanne was sick, Dmitry was torn: he supported his wife, son and tried to work as much as possible to the family in no way needed.When Shepeleva was not there, Plato engaged in the education of the parents of Jeanne.And when the singer got worse, the family hired a nanny.

to son did not see dying mother, Dmitry decided to take him to Bulgaria.Plato was not at the funeral of the singer - he was not informed that the mother is no more.

Who will be the son of Jeanne?

father of singer Vladimir Borisovich told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" that Plato will bring Dmitry Shepelev.The entire family of Joan him help you.Asked where the son of Frisco right now, my father told me that he was in Bulgaria together with Dmitry.

Dmitry Shepelev with his son Platon

Now Plato lived two years in Bulgaria in the house of the singer Philip Kirkorov.Kirkorov was very friendly with Friske, so this option is offered Shepelev support.Jeanne's father told me that the apartment Kirkorov Plato very comfortable.In addition, my mother got there Shepeleva and former nurse the baby.Dmitry breaks between filming in Moscow constantly flying to son.Plato will live with Kirkorov before the end of the summer and autumn of Dmitry plans to send him to Moscow kindergarten.Young father wants his son began to learn and interact with their peers.

New Photos son of Janna Friske

Sister Joan, Natalie, released the latest pictures of Plato, who instantly flew all the fan club of the singer.

The last photo of Plato Shepelev

Last photos of the son of Jeanne Friske

Fans Jeanne immediately noted how much a pretty boy like his mother.

The similarity of Zhanna Friske in childhood with her son

left - Plato Shepelev, right - Zhanna Friske childhood

The photo gives the impression of Plato cheerful child.We hope that the baby will be a happy childhood, and Dmitry Shepelev cope with the difficult role of the father alone.