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Tablets beauty: to drink or not to drink?

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What we in everyday life lacks vitamins imineralov has long been proven.New technology for the production of food snizilisoderzhanie nutrients in foods.We can not be sure vkachestve products even with a balanced diet.In addition, many devushkisledyat Watchers and try to limit yourself to food.This affects the obschemzdorove.After 35 years of reduced synthesis of certain vitamins (B and C), kotoryevazhny for our appearance.Many studies have shown that we ispytyvaemdefitsit vitamins B1, B2, B6, E, A, beta-carotene, folic acid, calcium, iron, fluoride, selenium, iodine, zinc, and other elements.As a result, nashakozha becomes dry, thinning hair, wrinkles appear and so on.

additives also help us to keep their youth longer ikrasotu.But here, have their own "but".Not all supplements that can only be achieved with quality, not fakes.

creams or pills?

Each new cosmetic product that tolkopoyavlyaetsya on the wound, promises incredible results after neskolkihprimeneny.All of this is

supported by clinical experience and then in practice.Itut the question arises: why then take pills?

Cosmetic acts differently than tablets.Yes, she effektivnai gives good results, but its use is not enough of one.Mnogieaktivnye substance of the masks or creams can not penetrate into the deeper sloinashey skin, hair follicles, the growth zone nail.Necessary minerals ivitaminy can not simply be applied to the skin in an amount which is necessary dlyapolucheniya effect: it may be an allergic reaction or dermatitis.For example, vitamin C is very difficult to turn in the desired preparations because it razrushaetsyapri contact with air.So compare what is best, cream or vitamins iliBADy impossible.All that complement each other and produce the desired result.

Vitamin vitaminurozn

Many are wary of dietary supplements, poetomuoni prefer vitamin and mineral complex.In fact, some dietary supplements really should beware, because they contain vrednyeveschestva.But this is not all additives.Most of them absolyutnobezopasno, they are certified and resolution.

Not all vitamins and minerals are able to give takoyeffekt as dietary supplements.The fact is that multivitamins do not have amino acids, flavonoids, phytoestrogens, substances that stimulate the synthesis of Collana, elastin, as well as those substances that support the skin's moisture balance.

Why vitamins nepomogaet achieve the desired result and ?

Not all girls lucky enough to experience otprinimaemyh drugs.Why is that?The reasons can be several.First - you kupilipoddelku.A second, more serious - not all to blame for the problems with the appearance defitsitvitaminov.For example, the hair can fall out due to stress, the latent infections, autoimmune diseases, and also due to hormonal problems.Dry skin islabye nails can indicate thyroid problems.A rash nakozhe, unhealthy complexion may be due to colitis or gastritis.In takihsluchayah not need to drink vitamins and treated for problems with the help of medikamentov.Vitaminy can only serve as an additive to treatment.

There is another reason why vitamins are ineffective.Perhaps they are not absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract.If you have problems spodzheludochnoy iron is not absorbed by the fat-soluble vitamins E, D and A. Prisnizhennoy gastric acid secretion will not be assimilated B vitamins Prisindrome "Leaky gut" when the permeability of the mucosa disrupted vitaminybudut a pass, but the toxins on the contrary, be absorbed.

each his own

Before starting to drink vitamins or biologically aktivnyedobavki, should undergo a full medical examination, if you imeyutsyaproblemy health.Modern techniques to help determine what imennovitaminov and substances do not have enough in your body.Thanks to this doctor smozhetsostavit individual program receiving these substances.

Learn mineral balanskozhi possible by analysis which shall in antieydzh-vklinikah clinics and aesthetic medicine.You can learn about the features and usvoeniyavitaminov, using genetic analysis.

whom and how prinimatvitaminy and biologically active substances

Almost all beauty pills can begin to take C18 years.But it's worth to be careful.For example, dietary supplements, in kotoryhsoderzhitsya ginseng should not take young girls.They recommended pitposle 30 years.Supplementation with beta-carotene and vitamins A better drink zimniyperiod if your skin is prone to hyperpigmentation.Summer takiepreparaty increase the skin's sensitivity to ultraviolet rays.

nutrikosmeticheskie If you use drugs, do not stoitpytatsya strengthen their action other vitamin complexes.There vysokayaveroyatnost that you do not calculate the required dose that will result in peredozirovke.Esli you want by using drugs to solve several problems, luchsheobratites a doctor.He will pick up for you an optimal mix.

Food additives can not be used all year round.Ihrekomenduyut take courses.Some dietary supplements can cause individualnuyuneperenosimost.In this case, you should immediately stop taking the drug.

supplements that contain extracts of artichoke, can not prinimattem who have gallstones.This material has zhelchegonnymdeystviem that can lead to blockage of the bile ducts.


  1. Adoption of vitamin and mineral supplements do not relieve vasot all problems.They only time will give the desired result.Chtobydeystvitelno experience noticeable results, it is necessary to solve all their problemyso health.
  2. Nutrikosmetika - not an alternative salonnymprotseduram and creams.This is only a supplement to the main program svoeyvneshnostyu care, as well as a kind of prevention of premature aging.
  3. biologically active substances have the most luchshiyrezultat only when they are selected individually, depending otgeneticheskih features and your health.

before taking any substance, prochitaytevnimatelno instructions, and make sure that all components included vsostav you fit.

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