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Sergei Bezrukov rest at the resort without a wife

Recreation actor recently became the provincial director of the Moscow theater, was short-lived, but he did not forget the sea of ​​work.During holidays Sergei Bezrukov continued to work on the upcoming staging of Gogol's play "Diary of a Madman."The play was called "The Sleep of Reason."

«Rest ... fantastic nature ... the air is clean, transparent ... but do not inhale before work!- Signed by Sergey photo first page of the script of the future surrealist extravaganza.- Thoughts on the work !!!!!And can not get away! »

image under the sun and palm trees actor complained that the summer passes quickly, and wished them to have time to rest.A recent photo of the boat so he signed:

«Good Summer, my dear, Horroshie !!!!Relax!Relax!Relax!Because soon ... work. "

But vacation days passed, and Sergei Bezrukov returned to Moscow.He had just published a new picture, already out of the theater.

«Short vacation came to an end, - the actor has signed this photo.- Once again, the work!MGT!Ahead o
f the hardest setting!Gogol !!!! »

Irina and Sergei Bezrukov: projects and premieres

Fans Bezrukov left on his page enthusiastic comments to the wishes of success.Many are looking forward to new performance already announced on the website of the theater.Premiere of this production, in which Sergei Bezrukov will play a major role, is scheduled for September 26.

Meanwhile, the wife Bezrukov, Irina, announced the beginning of a new period in his life.As it turned out, it was also about the work, or rather, a new draft copyright actress' onstage conversation with Irina Bezrukova "with famous people.Already filmed several issues, including Sergei Bezrukov.TV presenter said on Instagram, that its first program will be released on July 31.

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