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Wedding Navka sand: the best photo and the scandalous details

Wedding century Navka and Peskov: bachelorette party, "Carmen", the bride-swan Airborne

bridesmaids began a long-awaited celebration on Friday evening gathered at the bachelorette party.As you know, Dmitry Peskov, was not able to afford such liberties, bachelor party before the wedding was not planned.After the party Tatiana Navka girlfriends struck his talent during bright ice show with her participation.Figure skater skated last, after the wedding Navka gone in a month "honeymoon" vacation.

for the official ceremony Tatiana Navka outfit chosen by Valentin Yudashkin.Olympic champion before she eagerly reported the magazine Tatler latest news about wedding dresses.I must say that the promised Yudashkin image of the white swan completely failed.

For subsequent celebration Navka wearing gorgeous dress by Atelier shortened Edem.Easy outfit successfully emphasized the figure and shapely legs revealed 40-year-old figure skater.Snow-white dress set off the blue gowns bridesmaids, among which t

here was also an unmarried Anna Semenovich.

Known VIP guests, among whom were John Rudkovskaya, Philip, Alika Smekhova, family Yudashkin, Inna Malikova, Catherine Barnabas, Nikolai Baskov, family Varum-Agutin and many others entertained residents of Comedy-Club.Young cook your own concert room and the eldest daughter Tatiana Navka - Alexander.

But Elizabeth Peskov wedding of his father decided not to attend.As she explained in an interview with, while between their parents as between two fires, she found the right not to participate in the celebration.

second day of the wedding Navka sand coincided with the celebration of the Airborne Forces.Bride in a gentle romantic dress and groom vest happy to pose with guests for thematic frames.And we admire.

wedding Navka sand presented a businessman, and the clock for 37 million groom borrowed?

not done in the media and not the scandalous details related to the operation.In addition to drawing up the public interested in congratulating the newlyweds financial questions: Where did the official so much money on a grand three-day event?On the eve of the light seems to shed a businessman Oleg Deripaska, owner of the hotel "Rodina" where the celebration took place, they say, the entire organization of the wedding at the Grand Hotel and the associated costs are his generous gift to the young.

During the celebration of the arm Dmitry Peskov saw the clock, the value of which exceeds 600 000 dollars.Raised around doroguschego accessory that can hardly be bought for a salary of civil servants, tried to calm the hype, explaining that the clock either borrowed from a friend for a wedding, or a gift from Tatiana Navka ...

Peskov clock for 37 million,Photo