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Tatiana Navka honeymoon instead went back to work

Tatiana Navka: I want the audience to remember my karma

announced that on July 31 will be held in the last summer season performance of Tatiana Navka at the Ice Palace "Iceberg", after which the skater will travel in a month's vacation.Olympic champion takes the lead role in the musical "Carmen".It was for his favorite show comes on a lot of fans of Tatiana.Girlfriends Navka invited to perform in Sochi immediately after the bachelorette party, hit her talent.

Anna Semenovich, one of the witnesses at the wedding of Tatiana, wrote in microblogging:

What are you talented and gracefultatiana_navka I got great pleasure seeing Carmen !!!Bravo guys.

not kept rave reviews and was done on the wedding of the century Alika Smekhova:

Great ice show Carmen Bravo Navka !!!The pride of our sport, a wonderful actress and a friend of mine !!!I am proud!To fulfill my dream, I always wanted to play Carmen, but you did it !!!And very cool !!!!

Honeymoon Navka sand deposited?

While in Sochi have hung

posters with the announcement of Margarita Drobiazko starring Ice musical "Carmen," Navka and had to go on a holiday and did plan your honeymoon in microblogging skater suddenly there was a message on the resumption of its performancesIce Palace in Sochi.

turned out, we plan Navka sand slightly changed and new husband decided to return to the usual working rhythm.

Devotion Tatiana favorite work is admirable.Learning these latest news, girlfriend Navka Alika Smekhova wrote an emotional commentary in his microblog:

only Navka can carry huge exercise and laid out completely in spite of the wedding mess, bravo dear!You're the best!!!

Anna Semenovich also immediately noted diligence friend:

What do you workaholictatiana_navka.I envy all those who now sees you in the role of Carmen on Ice, I got great pleasure.All good view, and you hire the brightest expensive.

Overjoyed fans skater Tatiana by post to return to the ice in early express their intention to visit the musical time.The audience really should hurry: Carmen by Tatiana Navka can be seen only until Friday, August 7.Starting next week, the skater still go on vacation.Looking forward to the first details about the young honeymoon!