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Dzhinsomaniya: the most stylish models of children's jeans 2015

Children's jeans 2015: overview of current models

Versatile and practical jeans came to the fore in almost all collections of famous designers for little fashionistas.Their popularity can be explained by a huge impact on children's fashion this year's adult collections, which can be traced a true denim boom in the 90's.Furthermore, it is characterized by high resistance to wear jeans and high comfort - important ingredients for any clothes.

for fashionable children's jeans in 2015 are typical classic colors, unusual finishes and the absence of clear gender differences.In other words, jeans for boys and girls this season are not much different from each other.Among the major trends and children's jeans repeats fashion adult model.For example, stylists advise to young dandies this year to choose the wide and narrower skinny boyfriends who have already become hits of 2015. Quite popular are jeans with applications, patches, original prints, zippers and lace.Not lose its relevance and torn jeans in the n

ew season made most of the children's collections.Especially look stylish childrens' Varenkov "- another resurgent trend comes from the nineties.



Trendy jeans for girls 2015

If we talk about the most relevant models for girls, is the first place in popularity ratings have deserved to tuck jeans.It is these children's jeans have become the most sought after designers in the collections of 2015.And thus shortened length can "refresh" the jeans of any style.Gateways look great on wide and narrow jeans trousers.

In addition to the above-mentioned boyfriends and skinny, fashionable and become denim overalls.In particular, girls stylists advise to choose a model with volume wide trousers that resemble uniforms painters.This contrast forms overalls and fragile girlish figure creates an interesting image of the "little hooligan".For a more feminine and delicate autfitov girls have to choose jeans with lace trim.It can be as a model decorated guipure stripes on the pockets, and with patches of lace along the entire length trousers.Relevant

will and jeans with bright prints: inscriptions, animalistic colors, flowers.As for fashionable shades, the trend for girls jeans classic colors: light gray, sky blue, dark blue, charcoal black.

Gina fashionable for girls

Gina fashionable for girls 2015

trendy jeans for girls 2015 photo

jeans for girls 2015 photo

Trendy jeans for boys in 2015

The collection for boys can be seen above all the same jeans - boyfriends and skinny, cropped and gateways.Designers purposely did not make much difference between jeans for boys and girls to maximize emphasize the naturalness of little fashionistas.In addition, the boys will be relevant to the classic straight jeans mean planting, ripped jeans, denim overalls and wide flared model.

As for colors, the majority of designers have made bets on the traditional colors: black, gray, blue, blue.However, in many summer collections can be seen jeans for boys bright neon colors: green, yellow, peach, pink and indigo.The most popular summer version will and jeans with unusual prints.For example, very fresh and fashionable look jeans with "spots" of color or model, painted in the styles of street graffiti.

Jeans for boys

trendy jeans for boys

trendy jeans for boys photo

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